Crafting Day

12 Aug

Today the hubs and little Red joined me on a journey to the craft store. I wasn’t entirely sure about what I wanted or needed, but I had a ton of ideas floating around my head (thanks Pinterest). I had a blank yarn wreath needing to be jazzed up, a lot of picture frames, a boring shelf, and a big white wall to decorate! When we got there, we aimlessly walked each isle until something jumped out at me. 17 dollars later, I had my wall done AND the desk drawers lined!

For the wreath, I bought some sheer ribbon. I could have gone the yarn and flowers route, but I wanted to be different! Don’t forget, there are tutorials after tutorials for the yarn wreath everywhere, so head on over to Google! You’ve seen the vases before in my previous blog entry, so I don’t need to elaborate on them. The picture frames have been in my storage closet for some time, so the sheer ribbon I used on the wreath was used to hang the frames! We got the shelf from a friend (gotta love free hand-me-downs, eh?). Any other questions? Just ask!

The same friend who gave us the shelf from above, also gave us an “antique” desk! The color is a cream color, with bronze hardware. There are two drawers, one on the left and one on the right. They had a few scratches, but nothing a little modge podge, paper, and spray paint can’t fix! So far, the drawers have been the only part of the desk getting attention.

I used scrapbook paper of my liking, modge podge from Michaels, and a sponge brush. It dries clear after about 15-30 minutes! It was a very inexpensive way to make the inside of the drawers look more fun 🙂 Once the entire desk is complete, I’ll post a picture.

Happy crafting everyone! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂


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