A Few (Cheap) Goodies

6 Aug

I have a few homemade goodies around my apartment that I made myself, with the help of some sweet Goodwill finds and booze, of course. I’m going to combine the three of them into this one post, you ready?

1.) Picture Frame Menu (left) – I’ve seen quite a few of these ideas on Pinterest, but honestly this came to me from my childhood! I used to write on my mirror ALL. THE. TIME. with a dry erase marker. I found the picture frame at Goodwill for under $5. My daughter has a plethora of construction paper in her bins, so I just wrote out the “Menu” and “M-F” (although I wish it looked nicer). It’s THAT easy, folks! Feel free to use cuter paper or print out the words. I just might do that tomorrow 😉 Plus, now you have my weekly menu. Looks boring, but the recipes are spectacular!

2.) Dish Soap Bottle (right) – THIS easy, peasy creation was inspired by my fabulous uncle Kris. ALL you need is a wine bottle and cute stopper! Once you drink the wine, just soak it in warm, soapy water and rinse well. Then scrub off the label (it’s easy after a long soak). I found my stopper at World Market for about $5. Cute, right!? I love it 😉 As for sweet looking bottles, I prefer the clear look and this particular bottle is (err was…) a Sofia Rose, which I recommend.

3.) Painted Vases (below)-  I picked up each vase at Goodwill for no more than a buck a piece! All shapes and sizes, they’re awesome! As for the paint and applique, Michaels baby! Some Gloss Enamel paint and some clean vases is all you need for this great project. Just make sure they’re clean and FULLY DRY. Derr, right? Then you put the paint on the INSIDE of the vase and cover! I used 1 and 1/2 bottles for each aqua vase. I mixed the aqua with some white. You need to make sure you have enough paint for larger vases.

I hope to share much  more of my projects with you soon, I have a laundry list of shit to do SOON with the hubs.


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    […] the yarn wreath everywhere, so head on over to Google! You’ve seen the vases before in my previous blog entry, so I don’t need to elaborate on them. The picture frames have been in my storage closet for […]

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